Paparazzi Proposal

I still remember the day I proposed to Christina. I took her away to Sedona for the weekend and we stayed at our favorite little B&B. I enlisted the help of her sister and brother-in-law and made sure that she was blown away by everything I had planned - which she was, because it was awesome.

I put a lot of thought into the events of that weekend because I am a firm believer that when you get down on one knee and ask such an important question it can't just end there. I am a self proclaimed un-romantic but I knew I had to bring the romance that weekend - there had to be flowers, candles, champagne and lots of surprises because that is what Christina likes.

About a month ago, a friend of mine approached me and said that he was ready to ask his lady to be his forever and wanted to know if I could be there to take pictures. What he didn't know was that just by asking me to take photos he had given me permission to become his proposal wingman.

Damien told me that he wanted to propose to Echo on Mt.Lemmon. He wanted to have a brunch prepared and incorporate their love for archery. I made a few calls and secured a cabin and enlisted Christina to help romance it up a little.

Damien had told Echo that he had an interview on Mt.Lemmon that morning for a wildland position. When they arrived at the cabin we had a beautiful table set up with food and their bows, arrows and target all ready for them. Damien had us blow up some balloons to put on the target, one of the balloons had a symbolic ring that kicked the whole thing off.

After Echo said yes, I came out of the bushes to congratulate them and to get a few photos of them as fiancés!

Christina and I feel really lucky to have gotten to be a part of Damien and Echo's day. It was so fun helping bring Damien's ideas to life and then seeing Echo's reaction made us feel like we got engaged again. Both Christina and I talked on the way home about how we hope we get to do more of these.

I also owe a big thank you to Christina who created the flowers and table scape - who's next??

Christina and I have gotten to work together more often lately and it's been awesome. It always kind of feels like a fun date which is like bonus points!