Killian [Kills]

Killian was a U of A senior, and I say was because she has since graduated and is now living and working in NYC for a good company [Macy's!] that hired her straight out of college. Killian was a total blast and didn't need me to tell her anything - she would just strike a pose!


At the begining of the shoot I had her seated on a sign [actually she is sitting on a magazine so her shorts didn't get dirty] and the University Police came by and I thought we were gonna get the "hey.. beat it!" but nope, they just watched us do our thing and then left to go do police work [I guess duty called].

 The picture on the Left I took just for kicks. 

The picture on the Left I took just for kicks. 

Right after the police drove away a skateboader crashed right in front of us! I think he was too busy checkin' Kills out and not skating...  Look at that wipe out! Now you know why we call her KILLS....

 Bens Bells Love

Bens Bells Love


Killian, this shoot was a ton of fun and I love hearing how great post-grad life is treating you in the Big Apple!