You would almost think that Justin and Vanessa are newlyweds straight off the plane from their honeymoon when you first meet them - they are that cute together. Then you add in their sweet daughter Charlie and it almost becomes too much. I am crazy about this family and feel so lucky I have been able to watch Charlie grow. This session was to celebrate her turning one and there was not a moment she wasn't in a great mood. She spent the whole session exploring and climbing and doing everything that one year olds do best!

This is the second time this sweet girl was in front of my camera and nobody can argue that she is a natural.

I wasn't lying - aren't they great?!

Justin and Vanessa you are truly role model parents. Charlie's sweetness, loving spirit and playful demeanor are all reflections of the daily love you show her. Thank you for allowing me to capture these moments and help you celebrate this family milestone.