Scott Rice, Photographer


Born and raised in Tucson, I have always had a love for photography. Even when I was young I was always taking pictures and making my mother take me to the drugstore to get film developed. My love for photography, art and capturing a moment hasn't changed - I just do not have to spend the money on film anymore.

It is not all about taking the picture, but more importantly, the relationships I build with clients that soon become friends. It's giving them that moment frozen in time that they get to cherish forever, that's what makes me happy, as well as being a trusted friend to document their future milestones. 

I currently have three children, two boys and a fourteen year old daughter and I absolutely love being a parent and husband. I am an outdoors kind of guy who enjoys the fresh air and getting off the beaten path.

During my sessions I love interacting with my clients and making them feel at ease and letting them have fun. I strive to make sure everyone walks away having a really great experience while capturing  great photos.